We all only have one life. What makes us different is how we choose to live it. I’m just here to make myself happy through self-expression.


Garden Update!

Life is crazy with two babes, a full-time job, college classes, planning a wedding, Sunday night slow pitch softball league… what else? Oh, a wonderful garden! Reminisce with me… This time last year we were preparing to move to this house (our first time as homeowners!) and had tomatoes, jalapeños, and several other plants growing … Continue reading Garden Update!

EOD Thoughts: 06.19.2022

Perhaps today isn’t the day to write what I feel Maybe I should give a shout-out to the men in my life that are wonderful fathers Or acknowledge the importance of the celebration of Juneteenth But instead Tonight I feel sad and that’s all I want to put on this page Tomorrow will bring a … Continue reading EOD Thoughts: 06.19.2022