We all only have one life. What makes us different is how we choose to live it. I’m just here to make myself happy through self-expression.


13 days to go…

Well, friends. We are 13 days away from baby day. We go to the hospital for the planned C-section on the 27th unless labor progresses on its own before then. We are under two weeks away. I say ‘we’ although it feels more like ‘I.’ Ya know… I carried this baby. I tore my body … Continue reading 13 days to go…

35 weeks

We’re at 35 weeks, everyone! I’ve officially made it inside the 30 day mark. This is almost cause for celebration (almost)! Today I had an ultrasound and he was measuring one week ahead and nearly SIX pounds. It’s always reassuring to see your babe appear healthy and growing while in your womb. Not everyone gets … Continue reading 35 weeks

EOD Thoughts: 09.26.2021

Another weekend has come and gone. Saturday we celebrated some friends at their wedding (It was nice to get out without Della – we haven’t had a date night in quite a while) And Sunday we did some household chores and finished the night with a short hike and some time at the playground I’m … Continue reading EOD Thoughts: 09.26.2021