The Crazy Thing About Addiction [Part I]

I've seen a post circulating around Facebook that drives me nuts to no end, so I thought it would be fun to give my side about addiction. We've all seen the "addiction is a choice" posts, talking about how calling addiction a disease is only enabling the addict and therefore allows them to feel sorry… Continue reading The Crazy Thing About Addiction [Part I]

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I Love Myself

I love my scars and I love my skin I’m not tight and I’m not real thin The lines shine like silk in the dim of the light It’s all a resemblance of a long, hard fight I’ve got a great mind and an even bigger heart So a mark on my skin is just… Continue reading I Love Myself


A Friendly Reminder

Here's a little reminder to end your week on: You are fucking awesome. There is no one else out there like you. Your thoughts, movements, attitude, passions, and interests are exclusive to only you. Everyone might not love you, but the right people do. Do not overlook those that struggle to express it to you.… Continue reading A Friendly Reminder


The Power of 1 Year

One year passes fast. One year with a child? Way faster. We never know what to expect when we start the journey of motherhood. For me, it felt like I’d never be ready to take on the responsibility of caring for another life besides my own. The unknown is scary, but to me, the fear… Continue reading The Power of 1 Year