We all only have one life. What makes us different is how we choose to live it. I’m just here to make myself happy through self-expression.


EOD Thoughts: 01.19.2022

I’ve had to take 6 of the last 8 work days off because of lack of daycare 😩 Needless to say, this much time with my littles has me losing my head… I love them so (mainly my 3 year old has me losing my temper), but sometimes I just want to escape motherhood. I … Continue reading EOD Thoughts: 01.19.2022

The lonely birdhouse

I step out on my back patio To take in the winter scene The snow’s beautiful blanket Lays out smooth before me Not a creature stirs Not a sound was heard The birdhouse, once full with a family Now looks so cold and empty The winter’s beauty leaves me aghast But I can’t help but … Continue reading The lonely birdhouse