“Prenatal Yoga” from Mama in Training

An excerpt from the article "Prenatal Yoga" by Mama in Training:

Like a lot of expecting women, my activity level when I became pregnant wasn’t where it probably should have been. I mean, I didn’t really make the time during my day to go out for a jog or anything like that. So when I found out about my pregnancy, I was concerned that I needed to workout more.

I began doing research on good prenatal workout apps, acceptable exercises I could do at home, and what activities could possibly get me into trouble. A lot of what I found stated that if you weren’t very active before your pregnancy, that you should ease into it so that the baby won’t be put into distress, but more importantly, so that you don’t hurt yourself. With any prenatal workout, you want to make sure that you don’t push yourself to injury.

I pondered about what “beginner” workouts I could start doing that would allow me to choose what I was comfortable with and what was pushing it too far. This being my first pregnancy, I’m always on edge about nearly everything wondering, “What if this could hurt my baby?” …

Read the rest of the article here.

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