Raising Curious Kids

We are lucky enough to have found a house with a small extra room where we can store all of Della’s toys away from guests and avoid a house where cars, balls, and baby dolls line the carpets (Not to say that still doesn’t happen, but what house with kids doesn’t?).

This room is Della’s space to play creatively and explore her imagination and it’s right next to the living room where I can sit on the couch and still see her play.

I peered into the room and saw Della sitting on the table playing with some toys and looking at some books. My first instinct was to jump up and get her down, because ya know… the drop.

But then I stopped.

I just stayed where I was on the couch and let her test the water.

Within a few seconds, she turned around to look at me and began to wail.

She had leaned for a book that was just a little out of reach, felt the discomfort in her balance, and she asked for help.

Mom. WIN.

In all honesty, I’ve been waiting for some blogging inspiration for weeks now, and after this happened, it reminded of a video I watched about a week ago of an interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson.

If you are into astronomy or physics, I highly suggest you check out some podcasts or interviews that he’s done. But the particular interview I’m referencing is one where he talks about a child’s innate desire for exploration. In this interview, Neil explains,

“You don’t have kids with the intent of retaining a clean house. These are non-commensurate goals.”

“Your task is less to instill curiosity in your kids, than it is to make sure you don’t squash what is already there.”

Let them play. Let them fall. Let them learn. We, as parents, owe it to our children the opportunity to explore and interact with their surroundings. We may know what the outcome could be, but how will they if we take away their chance to learn?

Whether it’s jumping in a puddle or dropping an egg or even reaching for a book on a ledge, be committed to letting your children learn the causes and effects of interacting with their environment.

Raise curious kids.

Be cooperative with their education.

Let them learn on their own.

Watch the interview here:


I Love Myself

I love my scars and I love my skin

I’m not tight and I’m not real thin

The lines shine like silk in the dim of the light

It’s all a resemblance of a long, hard fight

I’ve got a great mind and an even bigger heart

So a mark on my skin is just a work of art

– Chrissy

Her First Steps

She pulls herself up and plants her feet firmly on the ground

Her face resembles fear because she doesn’t know just how strong she is

But I do

Maybe she will never see her power the way I do

But I will never quit trying to show her just how incredible she is

I could feel her power since the first time I felt her move within my womb

She’s still tip-toeing, but she’s gaining confidence

She builds up the courage and let’s go

I feel so proud

Yet so torn up

Because someday I know that she, too, will let go of me

My Empty Satisfaction

Sometimes I sit here and think and think and think about what to write about. It often seems like the times I get filled with inspiration and motivation to write is when I don’t have my laptop near or the time to get it put together on paper. I’ll be driving down the road and an idea will hit me and I tell myself ‘Don’t forget this idea… it’s GOLD’ and when I get home I realize that I can’t even remember the topic I was even thinking about.

Motherhood is a full-time job and on top of the full-time job that I have outside of that, I feel like I don’t have time to pursue the hobbies that I most enjoy, like writing. I wouldn’t trade motherhood for the world, but it means that I have to put the less important activities on the back burner. I still dream of having thousands of people read the words that I write, but for now that dream seems so far away and so unobtainable.

But what do I do?

I’m stuck in the middle of providing for my amazing daughter, keeping my relationship full of spontaneous adventures, maintaining success within my career, and trying to keep my own sanity. I truly do love the life that I’ve built, but sometimes I sit in a dark room drooling over the idea of a life where I am able to focus only on myself. I don’t know if that makes me selfish, but it’s something I’ve come to admit to myself within the depths of my consciousness.

I want to read more books. I want to write more words. I want to express my love for language and knowledge with more people, but I just don’t know how at this time in my life.

Is it possible to feel so incredibly happy and proud of the life I have, but also still fill a gaping hole of everything that I haven’t yet accomplished?

Will there ever be a time where everything I aspire to be comes together?

I am so full of satisfaction, but also still so empty.


A whole bottle of wine

More drinks to follow

Still don’t know how to feel

The bottle is empty and so am I

Eventually someone will be as obsessed with me

As much as I am obsessed with my own insecurities

Music plays on the stereo

And here I sit

Hoping for silence

Hoping for acceptance

Hoping for a newfound spark of love and appreciation

The empty bottles help

But only in the sense of feeling alone

Because they are here and you are not

They’ve never let me down

But you have