The Water

It always seemed like the world moved as fast as the water rushed down the creek on that warm, spring day.

I took my shoes and socks off and put my feet in the water. Dylan followed my lead and stepped into the wet sand. The water was cold, but I took a deep breath and soaked in the relaxing feeling of the mud in between my toes. It had been awhile since we had taken the time to enjoy nature together. After all, it was one of the things that made us click at the beginning of our relationship. I watched him and smiled as he rearranged rocks in the creek.

Just a few weeks ago I was working my 8-5 job with all of the stress and responsibilities that a busy career lays upon me. I miss my work and I miss my colleagues, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not enjoying the new, slower paced life that this virus has introduced us to. It’s unfortunate that we are facing a crisis of this magnitude, but it’s giving each and every one of us time to slow down, relax, and sink our teeth into the things about life that really matter. I’ve gotten to spend more time with my daughter and fiancee in the last six weeks than ever before. I get to wake up in the morning and cuddle my daughter to the sound of the cartoons that she watches intently. I have all day to plan out and prepare incredible family meals for dinner. I get to take walks around town and enjoy the warm sun on my face, whereas before, by the time I got home I’d be so exhausted the idea of a walk sounded less like an option for enjoyment and more like a chore.

I like the sound of the birds chirping in the morning and I like being able to enjoy coffee made from my own pot. I like not having a schedule and I like not having my days planned out to the minute. I like meandering through the house with no real agenda and having the time to clean the floors when they actually need cleaned.

I know there are a ton of emotions surrounding this situation, but as with anything life deals to us, we have the option to make the most of it or focus on what we are missing out on. There is so much more to life than go-go-going all the time. Take a breath, smell the roses, and make the most of the time you have. When the world wakes back up, you may realize that all you ever wanted in life was the time you’ve been granted right here, right now.

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