I’m home!!

I made it home to my family Wednesday afternoon!

I appreciate all of your guys’ encouragement and kind thoughts. Writing was truly the most therapeutic thing I had while away from my family for the last six weeks. That aspect of this craft is the reason why I made this page and why my love for writing and language is still very true and lasting. We are blessed that we are the people who can string words together in a well-thought pattern and not only bring others feelings of pain or happiness, but also we can feel great comfort and therapy through our words.

I’m thankful for so much in this life. And you, my followers, are one of the things I’m thankful for as well. It’s satisfying to know that someone read my words, followed my story, and cheered for me from afar.

But when it’s all said and done, I’m back to where I belong. Home sweet home.

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