Mama in Training

The Soul-Awakening Power of Motherhood

Let's talk about milestones. Watching your child grow and explore their environment has always had such a hold on me. I can't help but feel such a disconnection between the child I was once pregnant with and the child I'm now watching run, talk, and grow. The milestones of pregnancy are amazing,too. One month they're… Continue reading The Soul-Awakening Power of Motherhood


September Blogging Challenge: Day 10

A Day in Your Life I’m going to choose one of the best days in my life so far... the day my daughter was born! January 5th, 2019 My daughter was measuring almost 10 pounds, and with my petite statute of 5’4, my OB warmed me that a vaginal delivery could be dangerous as my… Continue reading September Blogging Challenge: Day 10


September Blogging Challenge: Day 9

Okay, I'm a week late on this... SO WHAT! I need to be more present on here, and these 30 day challenges are a fun, easy way to make sure I'm posting! So here is what we are working with for the rest of the month of September: Today's OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) The… Continue reading September Blogging Challenge: Day 9