September Blogging Challenge: Day 10

A Day in Your Life

I’m going to choose one of the best days in my life so far… the day my daughter was born!

January 5th, 2019

My daughter was measuring almost 10 pounds, and with my petite statute of 5’4, my OB warmed me that a vaginal delivery could be dangerous as my daughter would probably get stuck on my hips. So my fiancée and I decided to have an elective cesarean birth.

We got up at 4am, went to the hospital, and anxiously awaited for the time to come.

1:56pm. I was in labor from about 6am until she was born and it was a long, exhausting day full of emotion, anxiety, and fear. I was induced on a Saturday and they don’t normally do elective procedures on the weekend due to the shortage of anesthesiologists that work on Saturdays, but we were able to get one come down for Della’s delivery.

She came and our lives have been changed for the better ever since.

Our beautiful Della Rae.

Oh, how she’s changed.

Oh, the obstacles we’ve conquered since she’s been in our lives.

Oh, how her beauty and spunk has shaken our world up.

I love her to pieces and I can’t imagine a life without her.

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