La Casa

I am a homebody. I enjoy nights out on the town, but I truly love a date that starts with cooking a homemade meal together followed by cuddling on the couch.

I put my Christmas lights up Sunday. 2020 is kicking everyone’s ass, so I decided some early holiday cheer could possibly be a cure to the blues that I’ve been feeling lately. I recently had a medical procedure done that has changed my hormones (I’m not a doctor, I just believe this to be true), on top of going back to work full-time and cold weather settling in, I’ve really been in my head lately. I work from home 3 days a week, so changing up the scenery was good for me I think.

I like being home and I especially like being surrounded by lights. When I say I have my Christmas decor up, I mean ALL of my decor. Including the tree. I usually try to wait until after Thanksgiving to put it all up, but this year couldn’t wait.

When do you plan on putting up your Christmas stuff? Check out my Christmas pictures below!

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