EOD Thoughts: 12.01.2020

December? DECEMBER! Who let it be December already?

That’s okay, I’m looking forward to Christmas this year and the END OF 2020! Then right around the corner in January, our daughter turns two. I have a hard time grasping how it’s been almost two years since she was born. It’s been two of the hardest but most rewarding two years of my life.

I hate to be “that guy,” but I don’t think 2021 is going to look much different than 2020 for quiiiite awhile. I would say it’ll be at least through May that we will be dealing with this pandemic. Of course the economic consequences of it will be here much longer.

Who knows what the future holds…

I’m tired of worrying about what is coming next. I’m tired of the gloomy suspense and anxiety.

I wish I could easily release my tension and stress, but I know that that’s just not how I roll.

Buuut I will keep on rollin.

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