EOD Thoughts: 12.04.2020

This week seemed to fly by. They all seem to fly by when it comes to Friday. Almost every single week I forget to take cash out for the babysitter. I go pick up Della and while I’m standing there I realize OH CRAP

And since we don’t live in the same town as the babysitter, I use the ATM there which means it charges me a $3 fee each time. I’ve probably racked up at least $15 in fees on that thing 🙄 Oh, that’s just THE WORST!! And you’d think I’d know by now because I pay her every Friday and almost ALWAYS forget.

So, yeah. That’s how my ends of the weeks go.

Tomorrow I’ve got drill and I have to actually show up to the office. I think it’s absolutely absurd. Most of the unit is doing some kind of virtual drill but I’m one of the few that actually have to go in. I threw a fit to four different people about not feeling safe going, but it’s the military so what can I do?

I guess it’ll be nice just to get out of the house for a drive. Got to look at the positives!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!!


Tonight’s Reflection Quote:

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