EOD Thoughts: 12.13.2020

This weekend we made the 3 hour trek to Iowa to see some of my family for Christmas.

We had sweet chili. And I don’t know why I’m making this a major thing, because it’s actually a very minor part of my weekend, but here we are.

I’m a chili feen. I could live off of it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday throughout the entire winter. But I am very particular about my chili. I like mine with a little spicy kick, but NOT too much!!! I cook with a small bit of onion, tomatoes, various spices, and some jalapeño pieces. My aunt makes hers with wayyy too much onion and something sweet so that it almost tasted like a BBQ sauce.

(If you cook spaghetti sauce with sugar in it, just know that I disagree with you.)

Now my aunt’s chili was DECENT — just not my style. I ate a couple bowls throughout the night, but I definitely wanted to whip some of my own chili up.

But I’m a picky eater and I also believe that fruit and desserts should very rarely be combined.

Apple pie? No. Do not bake fruits and most definitely don’t bake them into cakes or muffins!!

Who am I to say what’s right? I just like things the way I like them LOL


Tonight’s Reflection Quotes:

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