EOD Thoughts: 12.13.2020

This weekend we made the 3 hour trek to Iowa to see some of my family for Christmas.

We had sweet chili. And I don’t know why I’m making this a major thing, because it’s actually a very minor part of my weekend, but here we are.

I’m a chili feen. I could live off of it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday throughout the entire winter. But I am very particular about my chili. I like mine with a little spicy kick, but NOT too much!!! I cook with a small bit of onion, tomatoes, various spices, and some jalapeño pieces. My aunt makes hers with wayyy too much onion and something sweet so that it almost tasted like a BBQ sauce.

(If you cook spaghetti sauce with sugar in it, just know that I disagree with you.)

Now my aunt’s chili was DECENT — just not my style. I ate a couple bowls throughout the night, but I definitely wanted to whip some of my own chili up.

But I’m a picky eater and I also believe that fruit and desserts should very rarely be combined.

Apple pie? No. Do not bake fruits and most definitely don’t bake them into cakes or muffins!!

Who am I to say what’s right? I just like things the way I like them LOL


Tonight’s Reflection Quotes:

Just One Time

He raised his voice

Just one time

When he raised his hand,

You hardly flinched

It’s as if his words already

Hit just like punches

So when the fists flew,

You noticed no difference

You made excuses and hid the truth

Hoping you could change him

But that wasn’t your job

You’re worth so much more

Than being someone’s tape and glue

You deserve feeling the warmth of the sun

And dancing in your underwear

You deserve a love that pours into you

Just as much as you pour into it

You deserve the gentle hand on your cheek

And deep rest through the night

He raised his hand

Just one time

And that one time

Did not stop there

EOD Thoughts: 12.07.2020

“How did your week start out, Chrissy?”

Oh, let me tell you how it started, friend.

Sunday I went across the river into Missouri to get some gas. Gas over there is usually 10-20 cents cheaper. Everytime I get gas I always check that the card reader on the pumps looks okay, because they have those scanners that save your card information. Well, this scanner seemed weird, but it is also a gas station that I don’t go to often, so I didn’t think to much into and figured it would be fine.

Turns out, within twelve hours of pumping that gas, $321.19 was stolen from my account by somehow using my debit card. FIVE different transactions! I got gas around 12:30 and in less than three hours, I was supposedly buying stuff from gas stations and making ATM withdrawals in St Louis MO and Columbia MO – both cities that are 3+ hours from me!

My card has been shut off, which is a pain because now I have to set back up payment arrangements for everything that the card was connected to. I have bills due this week and now I am really in a tough place.  The investigation may take up  to 90 days, and my money won’t be replaced right away.

It’s time like these that I wish I wasn’t an adult. Because then I wouldn’t have to be the one the deal with all of this.

What misfortune. Right before the holidays.

Tonight I am feeling defeated.

7 more months!

I’ve been waiting for 2021 to come for five years now, not just since the pandemic came and made us all wish 2020 away.

My Army contract comes to an end in mid August and I cannot even come close to putting that feeling of relief and excitement into words.

I’ve had some really unique experiences, met some great people, and made a lot of cool memories, but I’m READY to close this chapter of my life.

This weekend was our drill weekend so I was in the office yesterday and today. Seems a bit crazy to me to get Soldiers from all over the state to come unite in one of the worst outbreak areas in the entire state, but it’s the military so it is what it is. Most of our unit drilled virtually online but my job is in the office so here I sit.

I’m proud of my time served, but I didn’t have a family when I enlisted and I know that this is no longer the journey I want to continue once it’s done.

Seven more months.

It’s All About the Little Things…

Della had such a big day with the babysitter at daycare that she didn’t even make it home before she was dead asleep in the backseat. She napped for a bit once we got home so we had a late night playing under the lights.

It’s a Friday night, who cares?

She was in such a happy, energetic mood and it’s moments like these that make me cherish my family so much. We were laying on the floor laughing and playing and the view was so beautiful that I’m glad I thought to get the camera out to capture some of the love we all felt.

I’m so blessed to have built a cozy, loving home for our daughter alongside Dylan. We work so hard on being the best parents that we can be, so seeing the glee on Della’s face tonight was just the vibe I needed to start preparing for the end of 2020 (finally!). There is so much to be thankful for.

This year hasn’t been perfect, but there have been perfect moments within it. I’m glad I’m still able to cherish the lights. 🎄

EOD Thoughts: 12.04.2020

This week seemed to fly by. They all seem to fly by when it comes to Friday. Almost every single week I forget to take cash out for the babysitter. I go pick up Della and while I’m standing there I realize OH CRAP

And since we don’t live in the same town as the babysitter, I use the ATM there which means it charges me a $3 fee each time. I’ve probably racked up at least $15 in fees on that thing 🙄 Oh, that’s just THE WORST!! And you’d think I’d know by now because I pay her every Friday and almost ALWAYS forget.

So, yeah. That’s how my ends of the weeks go.

Tomorrow I’ve got drill and I have to actually show up to the office. I think it’s absolutely absurd. Most of the unit is doing some kind of virtual drill but I’m one of the few that actually have to go in. I threw a fit to four different people about not feeling safe going, but it’s the military so what can I do?

I guess it’ll be nice just to get out of the house for a drive. Got to look at the positives!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!!


Tonight’s Reflection Quote:

Full Circle Lights

My family and I took a trip to see what our closest city calls the “Festival of Lights.”

They close a large park, cover it in Christmas lights, and charge people by the car to drive through. Our daughter will be two next month and she actually liked it more than I thought she might. She just wanted to see the “neigh neighs.” (She loves horses)

It was a short trip, but it was well worth it. My parents used to take us to see the lights at that same park when we were kids. It’s comforting to feel full circle.

Life is weird. But beautiful.

EOD Thoughts: 12.02.2020

I’m currently sitting at the dining room table next to the Christmas tree. I love the way my home feels when Christmas décor is up. It’s just warm and cozy in a way that no other décor can make it. 

I enjoy wine. So I’m also enjoying a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and watching a show called Virgin River on Netflix. It’s pretty good if you like small town drama-type movies and TV shows. It’s trending #1 in the US on Netflix right now.

Not a whole lot to say tonight. I need to send out my rent check, so this bottle of wine is warranted.


Tonight’s Reflection Quote: