Conversation Pits

Looking at houses that are up for sale is fun. We’ve probably looked at 15-20 houses during the four years of our relationship, mainly because Dylan and I love analyzing their structure, admiring their original wood work, and discussing what we would do to remodel the house into our HOME. It’s absolutely one of the things we bond over the most here recently, since we’re currently on a house hunt of our own!

I’m sure almost everyone has thought about how they would build their own house, if given the opportunity. I mean- We literally obsess over video games like Sims, Tycoon games, and House Flipper. HGTV is always turned on at the local bars.

One of the things I admire the most about the structure of homes in the 50-60s are the conversation pits.

Please tell me you all know what a conversation pit is.

Well if you don’t, it’s literally like a built-in couch in a depressed section of the flooring in a larger room. The couch is below the floor almost.

I just think they seem so cozy and are perfect for hosting people over. It’d be perfect for game nights or movie nights!

Plus they are cozy and classy at the same time!!

I just told Dylan that if we ever build our own hime, I want a conversation pit built in.

He said okay.

Anyway, enjoy some photos of some CUUUUTE conversation pit pics!!

What do you think about conversation pits?? Am I the only one in on this vibe??

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