I’m sick of the news

I can’t hardly stand to turn on the TV anymore. Most times I’m watching Netflix or Hulu, so I don’t tune into the news, but every time I’m somewhere where the news is on, I say ‘what the hell’ and watch anyway. I like to be informed. I like to know what is going on in the world around me. But I don’t normally inform myself by watching the news on TV.

I can’t stand the way everything in the media is twisted and turned to fit a certain agenda.

Now let me set the record straight here. I am not trying to make this political. I do not take either side when it comes to politics in the United States. I see issues from both sides and I criticize the decisions from both parties. I was never someone to obnoxiously claim, “Fake news!!” and disregard information that was presented to me simply because it was on the news. I take information, process it, do my own research, and then make an educated opinion on what I heard.

But that’s not to say that I don’t see the bias that is constantly presented to us. I’ve watched Fox News and I’ve watched CNN and I’ve watched independent broadcasting, but I still can always point out when the information being given to me is being presented with an agenda. There is a way to present information that is simply stating the facts and what you know; rather than to present information in a way that includes opinions, assumptions, and allegations. I watch these newscasts and laugh and roll my eyes because I’m someone that can hear a sentence and automatically know that what I’m hearing isn’t necessarily unbiased. Doesn’t mean that it’s not true, but it does mean that you should do some digging of your own to determine what the facts are and what information is panning to a certain audience.

Just feed me the facts, nothing more. I want to form my own opinions on the matter without having your thoughts shoved in my face. That’s all.

It’s OK to evolve

I spend too much time on Facebook. But I also use social media apps to come up with new content to write about. I use a lot of quotes and read a lot of stories online that help me ground my beliefs into something that I can share in a progressive way.

This morning I was scrolling Facebook when I saw a photo that really hit me. It opened my eyes, if you will, to how much my life has turned out to be different than I ever had planned. I realized that what I once thought success looked like, isn’t what I would consider it to be now. My interests have changed, I’ve ended and created new relationships, and I’ve tested my own beliefs. I’ve overcome pain, welcomed new joy, and sought out different forms of happiness. Things I used to think I wanted are no longer even in the fore front of my life. I’ve evolved. Changed. Learned.

And it’s totally okay.

It’s okay to not stick to a plan. It’s okay to feel like you’re letting yourself down, because someday you may just find out that the old disappointment you felt was only a stepping stone to something that is much more fulfilling.

Life will work out exactly as it’s supposed to. Focus on being the happiest version of yourself and you’ll never have to worry about if you chose the right path. Life is about so much more than wealth. It’s about relationships and memories and happiness and so much more. It’s important to lead a life that you will be proud of. Even if your views change along the way.

We’re pregnant (again)!

We are super excited to share our big news finally! I’ve been waiting with anticipation to tell our friends for about six weeks now. We told our family just a few weeks ago. I was a little more hesitant to tell the world this time, since we had been trying to conceive for months with no luck.

On Tuesday, I will hit twelve weeks. I have been so sick this go-around, which is something I didn’t have much trouble with when I was pregnant with my daughter. Maybe that means this pregnancy will be a boy??? We are sooo hoping for a boy, but to be honest, I’ll be totally happy if we end up with another little girl. Our family will be complete and our hearts will be so full.

My due date is officially November 2nd, but since I had a previous C-section, I’ve decided to take the safe route and have another one. We will schedule this C-section the last week in October most likely.

So safe to say… LOTS of exciting things coming our way in 2021! Buying a new home and welcoming the completion of our family. We are overwhelmed with joy and so very happy that everything seems to be falling right into place. 😌

Thank you for 10,000 views!

I have hit 10,000 views on Between the Lens. It seems hardly real that the words I’ve written have been viewed over 10,000 times.

I’m just a casual writer, letting off steam in a creative way. I never knew WordPress would mean this much to me.

Thank you for following along, commenting, and making me feel like the hobby I love means something to others.

I’m grateful for all of you.

Boeing 737 Max: Pay attention to the plane tickets you buy!!

On evenings when I’m especially tired, I curl up on the couch and turn on the TV. I got onto an ABC 20/20 kick a few weeks back, and since then I’ve been watching old episodes of the show when I’m feeling like watching something with a little variety.

If you’ve never seen ABC 20/20, it is a show that includes interviews and insights on stories that have been popular in the news and politics. They have episodes on serial killers, murders, and other notable stories within the news.

Last night I turned it on and an episode about airplanes was on. Now, I’m not an avid traveler and I have only been on a plane a handful of times, but I have always been curious about how air travel works, what the inside of the cockpit looks like, and what a pilot’s life is like. So I found great interest in an episode from November of 2020. This particular episode’s focus was on the Boeing 737 Max, an airplane that was created by Boeing in 2014 in order to compete with another aerospace company, Airbus. I won’t pretend to be an expert on aerodynamics, but I did want to push out this information to others, since the warnings expressed in this episode were truly daunting. You can find this episode of ABC 20/20 here.

Lion Air flight JT 610 took off from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 29, 2018. Less than 13 minutes later, it crashed into the Java Sea at 450mph, killing 189 people. The plane? The new Boeing 737 Max.

This plane was relatively new, but within minutes after takeoff, pilots were alerted that the nose of the plane was forced down. They pulled and fought the plane, trying to pull the nose up, but the automatic system of the plane ultimately won.

The cause?

The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) is a flight control system built into the Boeing 737 Max’s computer, designed to help pilots keep the plane steady. There are angle-of-attack sensors on the front of the plane that work with the horizontal tails at the back of the plane. If the angle-of-attack sensors sense that the plane is about to stall, MCAS automatically activates and sends the nose of the plane downward.

But did the pilots know about MCAS?

No. Boeing never informed pilots about automatic augmentation system.

Was anything about MCAS noted in the plane’s handbook?

No. Only an abbreviation of MCAS could be found at the back of the book. No further information was given in the guide or taught to pilots.

Did pilots get simulation training on how to fly the new Boeing 737 Max and what to do if MCAS failed?

No. Usually, pilots go through simulation training when learning to fly a new plane. Boeing claimed that the simulation training was not needed on the 737 Max since it was ‘similar enough’ to other styles of the plane. Pilots of the 737 Max were given training on iPads and that is it. If pilots didn’t even know that MCAS existed, how could they possibly know what to do if the sensors were wrong?

This is actually VERY infuriating to me. How can you keep the people flying the planes in the dark about the programming that you install on the plane?

What is MCAS and what went wrong on Lion Air flight JT 610?

On Lion Air flight JT 610, the angle-of-attack sensors were improperly aligned, meaning that the sensors were telling the tail that the plane was about to stall. Therefore; MCAS was activated automatically forcing the nose of the plane down.

I won’t go into a ton of details on this crash, because the information can be found if you are interested in further investigation. I encourage you to watch the ABC 20/20 episode that I linked above. After this crash, Boeing and the FAA determined that the Boeing 737 Max was still SAFE. They released information on what to do if MCAS failed and continued to allow the plane to take to the skies. It wasn’t until ANOTHER deadly crash of a 737 Max took place before the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing decided to ground all Boeing 737 Max airplanes.

Just five months later, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 took off from Addis Ababa in route to Nairobi, Kenya. Six minutes after the plane took off, it slammed into the ground at nearly 700mph. All 157 passengers and crew members were killed.

All 737 Max airplanes were grounded within the next two days. When Lion Air flight JT 610 crashed, instructions to disable the system that MCAS used were pushed out. Boeing claimed that flipping the switch to turn off this system was substantial, but information gathered after the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 revealed that the pilots did, in fact, try this method and failed – resulting in another deadly crash.

Plenty of the information I learned in the ABC 20/20 episode points all fingers to Boeing and their attempts to cover up the safety of the Boeing 737 Max. Emails from Boeing employees later revealed that some KNEW the plane was not safe and that they continued with use anyway. They did not take responsibility for the loss of these lives and it is SICK.

Today, the Boeing 737 Max is STILL BEING USED. Profits are more important than safety in the eyes of a CEO. My heart breaks for the families of the loved ones lost in these senseless crashes that could have been prevented if Boeing cared about the safety of their customers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review the choices of your plane tickets when buying them. I, for one, WILL NOT be getting onto one of these 737 Max planes. For the safety of you and those you love, please pay attention when booking your flights in the future. I encourage you to look into this topic and do your own research.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!!


Who I am today

Is not who I was yesterday

It’s not who I was ten years ago

And the person I am today

Is also not the person I will be

Ten years from now

Evolution of self is a cycle

It’s a long and constant journey of

self-examination and the decision

to either change with the world

or let the world consume you

Most would argue that they

are creatures of habit

and feel more comfort when

they know what is coming next

But you never truly know

what’s in store

Everything is changing –

even the things that you do not think are

That flower will grow, yes,

but the angle that the sun hits it

is never the same on any given day

Like the angle of the sun,

I am always in alteration

Sometimes I am more direct,

like the hot summer rays

And other times I am so cold,

you’d wonder if I even exist

Who I am today is not who I always will be

I have phases

I am still in development

Ever-changing and complicated

We’re buying a HOME!

I never thought those words were ever going to be able to come out of my mouth. We have been looking and waiting for our finances to come aligned for years now, and now is truly the time!

We signed on with our realtor back in September of last year. We got pre-approved by the bank pretty easily and started our search. We probably looked at close 15 houses personally, but searched through hundreds of house postings all around the state. There was a time during this whole process where a house we wanted to look at sold within two days of being posted on the market. The house market has been suuuper hot here lately, especially since interest rates on loans are so low right now.

So houses were flying and we were getting exhausted looking. It took so much out of us going from house to house to house, planning what it would be like to live in it, getting our hopes up, and then not even being able to put in an offer. We were beginning to think we were never going to actually make a move on.

We were actually looking at a different house when we found out about the house that we are going to buy. Our realtor had told us another house just a few blocks away went up for sale that day. We got in to see it the very next day, and immediately decided to put in an offer. We knew the house was going to go fast, since it is 5 bedrooms, in a great location, well-priced, and just beautiful! It is an old home, but you can just tell that it has been taken good care of.

We knew another couple was going to look at the house the next day, so we put our offer in and asked for a response within two days.

The next day, someone else had put in an offer challenging ours.

We couldn’t see what their offer was, so we had no idea if we were higher or lower. We went ahead and upped our offer and asked for them to respond that night. They did! They accepted our offer and we could finally breathe!

We have the inspection next week and the appraisal after that. Hopefully we can have a smooth close and easy move sometime this summer!

EOD Thoughts: 04.06.2021

Hi friends! I apologize for my lack of content here lately- it’s been a crazy few weeks! I have lots of small updates to share!

Our offer was accepted on a new home! We’re officially UNDER CONTRACT!! I can’t believe it. It’s been a long time coming. It’s exhausting looking at house after house with dying luck every time. I’ll make sure to write more on this soon!

The Easter holiday also took a lot of my attention. Friday I took Della and we went to Iowa to visit my sister. Unfortunately, on our way up there Della puked. I didn’t figure it was a bug, so we went to Iowa anyway. The next night after we got back from Iowa, I was puking. We ended up staying home all day on Sunday because I still wasn’t feeling well. By Sunday evening, Dylan was sick too and ended up calling into work on Monday. It went through the whole house. So I have been consumed with life lately, it seems. We hunted for eggs in the yard, dyed eggs, and gave Della an Easter basket. It was a good day at home even though I was exhausted.

I also got a very NÉW haircut!!

•• New feature! I started a photography portfolio on here and I plan to post some cool shots I take every once in awhile. I hope you guys enjoy this, since it’s an abstract look into a moment in my life.

See the first post here.

Can’t wait to catch up with all of you!!