• The silence
    Being alone Is nice sometimes – But other times, The silence Gets way too loud
  • Just a taste
    Sometimes I feel like I’m the one that always has her shit together But sometimes I just wanna lose control I don’t wanna be responsible I wanna be wild I wanna be reckless I’ve spent my whole life working my ass to prove to everyone … Continue reading Just a taste
  • Tidal Wave
    Life is full of brilliant surprises – both wonderful and painful; but it’s really hard to see the bad when things are good, and even harder to see the good when things are bad I think that’s why we have such a hard time feeling … Continue reading Tidal Wave
  • A little poem
    Hello! Happy Thursday. Today I just wanted to share a poem a find online earlier today. What joy, wonder, and excitement this brings me as I look forward to raising my children. This is a message many need in this world. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading A little poem
  • The lonely birdhouse
    I step out on my back patio To take in the winter scene The snow’s beautiful blanket Lays out smooth before me Not a creature stirs Not a sound was heard The birdhouse, once full with a family Now looks so cold and empty The … Continue reading The lonely birdhouse
  • The Silence
    I’m sitting at my desk with a moment of peace For how long it lasts, who knows My infant rests quietly in his swing His soft, infrequent whimpers remind me he’s still there My daughter, sprawled out on our bed; with her beautiful blonde curls … Continue reading The Silence
  • Goodbye, sorrow
    Goodbye, sorrow, I lie to myself. Why do I feel the need to not feel what I feel? I’m allowed to be angry And I’m allowed to feel that anger as long as I need to. There is no time limit on healing. It comes … Continue reading Goodbye, sorrow
  • The Thorned Rose
    It’s easier to let go of an expectation Than it is to Hold someone accountable for letting you down The world will crumble And won’t think twice about taking you with it Much like a thorn Who softens it’s prick for not one soul You’ll … Continue reading The Thorned Rose
  • This is hard
    Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning It’s 9pm and my daily to do list still has five things left on it… Oh shit, the baby is waking up. Better make a bottle of formula since I suck and forgot to pump It’s takes so long … Continue reading This is hard
  • For Years to Come
    There is no handbook on how to deal with heartache There is no medicine to cure the pain How can the one you love most use words that pierce your heart like a knife to bare skin? It’s not the first time And won’t be … Continue reading For Years to Come
  • Five Word Poem of the Day
    Tired moms everywhere are sighing
  • Heavy Feelings
    I have heavy feelings tonight. Ones I’ve had for awhile. They’ve been festering inside me. They aren’t that disruptive. Except for when I sit alone with myself, only my thoughts to entertain me. They have been tugging at me, these feelings. But it’s easier to … Continue reading Heavy Feelings
  • I don’t have the time
    I want to feel angry. I want to. But I don’t have the time, I don’t have the mental capacity, I don’t have the sanity, I don’t have the self-control to bring myself back in once I start down that path. It’s not something I … Continue reading I don’t have the time
  • Five Word Poem of the Day
    The humid Illinois air thickens
  • Five Word Poem of the Day
    Hours become minutes when bored
  • Five Word Poem of the Day
    Mondays are like wet socks
  • Seedlings
    It’s so weird to think that just a few months ago this beautiful plant was just a tiny seed. It was hiding dormant in a shell, but then it emerged and now it lives. Growing, reaching for the sun. Reacting to stress and its environment, … Continue reading Seedlings
  • Five Word Poem of the Day
    The summer crept in fiercely
  • Five Word Poem of the Day
    Endings are only fresh beginnings
  • An Angel on Earth
    Her smile lights up a room Her wide smile pierces my soul every time How can this perfect of a being be standing right in front of me? How lucky I am to be blessed with such grace in the form of kin She’s more … Continue reading An Angel on Earth
  • Five Word Poem of the Day
    Shortened work weeks are vital
  • Contradictory Cups
    Some days I feel like I’m on cloud nine. All of the scenarios I planned in my head go through just as they should. I’m flying through the air, too high to care about the fall. Smiling and laughing and playing and hoping and forgetting … Continue reading Contradictory Cups
  • Phases
    Who I am today Is not who I was yesterday It’s not who I was ten years ago And the person I am today Is also not the person I will be Ten years from now Evolution of self is a cycle It’s a long … Continue reading Phases
  • The Artistry of a Woman
    She is strong and fierce She knows the power of her mind and the gentleness of her touch She recognizes her insecurities and wrestles with her vulnerability She stands up for the respect that she deserves And does not lower her voice to coddle a … Continue reading The Artistry of a Woman
  • the birds are back
    the birds are back thank you, nature for working in a way that helps us appreciate what we have after it’s been taken away the quiet, dark mornings have been replaced with songs from birds in every direction I didn’t know I missed the sound … Continue reading the birds are back
  • The Sheet
    Life feels like there is a sheet over top of it It’s not too hot right now, but there isn’t much to look at and nothing is really happening. I guess that could be a good thing. People claim, “No news is good news!” But … Continue reading The Sheet
  • Breathe
    In… Fill your lungs with air to capacity And exhale Close your eyes and force the negative energy out Smile as you feel the weight get loaded off You’re free Free of the streas Relax your jaw and release the furrow in your brow Those … Continue reading Breathe
  • Some things aren’t meant to be…
    It’s the hardest lesson to learn because it’s always something that you have to learn the hard way. Maybe it’s just timing. But maybe it’s just not supposed to happen at all? You don’t get to know right away. And in some cases, it may … Continue reading Some things aren’t meant to be…
  • A Rock
    The wheels turn but I’m not moving The landscapes are changing around me But everything is the same There is pink in the sky this morning And it looks beautiful, like pink was meant to be in the sky all the time It’s weird How … Continue reading A Rock
  • Can love?
    Can love fill the void created from being abandoned? Can it wipe away the tears and fill in scars on the heart? Can it erase the past? Can it make everything that’s wrong feel right? Can love make you crazy? Can it make you feel … Continue reading Can love?