EOD Thoughts

EOD Thoughts: 01.16.2021

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on WordPress. Not because I really needed a break, but because I’ve just been so busy and tired to sit on my phone and really put some thought into writing. I’d like to get back into more of a routine, but life is crazy and you never really know… Continue reading EOD Thoughts: 01.16.2021

EOD Thoughts

EOD Thoughts: 11.19.2020

My weeks are starting to feel longer. Each day of work is stagnant and uneventful and I’d even say they’re becoming mind numbing. No real thoughtful work. Just data entry. Every day. For weeks. Just eight hours of thoughtless data input and no responsibility or ownership of my tasks. I like the company I work… Continue reading EOD Thoughts: 11.19.2020

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Did you know? Or did you just not care?

Mom, You've read my words on this blog and I've tried to explain the anger from my side, but I still have received no real apology or any comfort from the idea that you may be remorseful. Did you know that in three instances the way I found out you were going back to prison… Continue reading Did you know? Or did you just not care?