Sincerely, A Sad American

2020 could be a textbook of its own. Everyday is an accumulation of more historical events, and it makes me sick watching the evening news.

The leader of our country incites violence and division. He defends white supremacy and encourages neo-facism. People of color are being gunned down in the streets by those sworn in to protect and serve.

A global pandemic has been going on for nearly a year now and we’ve got two sides of a broken system too stuck to their parties that they can’t put it aside and pass a suitable bill to offer some relief to its citizens. People are losing their homes and unable to feed their kids. They’re passing a $146 billion stimulus bill after offering no help for NINE MONTHS. What is $600 going to really do for someone that is months behind on rent?

I scroll my Facebook feed in disgust at the volume of people in support of a man that is misogynistic, disrespectful, fake, and bigoted. He holds a Bible up in front of a church for a photo-op and people believe that he is a religious man. In what ways does racism, narcissism, and dishonesty represent holiness?

Our country is divided and I don’t think we are near the end.

What happened?

Our politicians don’t work for us. They have their own agendas to fulfill. And believe you me, they don’t give a damn what it does to you and your family.

One Nation under tyranny.

America’s Independence Day 🇺🇸


I just wanted to hop on here and wish my fellow American bloggers a HAPPY 4th of JULY!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I hope you all have an amazing and SAFE weekend!!!

As for me, I’ll be having some cold drinks, snuggling my sweet babe, and going swimming!!!

What are you guys up to on this patriotic holiday???