Six Years on WP!

Today marks my six year anniversary on WordPress. This site was my beginning journey into sharing my writing and life experience with the world. Since then my content has been viewed in countries across the world tens of thousands of times.

I’m thankful for my blog friends here & the journeys we have shared together. Some of the darkest moments of my life are reflected in the poetry and writings that I upload here. It’s a very personal and honest reflection of my life that I will leave behind for my children and possible descendants to dig out. I’m currently writing a book about my family’s lineage that I hope to print and give to my siblings for Christmas to be passed to do future generations.

Not only do I share my poetry and creative writing here, WP is also my outlet to photography, gardening, vent sessions, personal interests, and self-reflection.

It’s really a catch-all.

So I appreciate the follow & engagement. Drop some love in the comments!

Thanks for a great SIX years. Here’s to another!

4 years on WP

Today marks FOUR years that I’ve been on WordPress. I’ve explored all sorts of writing; from fiction, to poetry, to biography. I’ve made some “blogging friends” and shared my words with those around me.

I haven’t been as active on here lately and I apologize. Buuut I have some exciting news to share in the very soon future!

Stick with me, we have so much more to talk about. See you all very soon!