EOD Thoughts: 11.27.2020

Dylan usually has the Friday after Thanksgiving off of work, but since his company was behind on orders since they had to shutdown due to the pandemic, his boss told them that they still had to get 40 hours in this week.

I turned in my request to use a vacation day today like a month ago because I figured Dylan would have the day off because he usually does and I never do.

So he worked 4 hours on Thanksgiving and some 12 hour days just so he could have the day off with me since I had already gotten it off.

We pay for the babysitter for every day, even if we decide to keep Della home. So we didn’t want to pay for a day she wasn’t there, so we took her to daycare and Dylan and I spent the day in the woods at our good friends’ place. He has about 80 acres of wooded land, so we went out in a secluded part of it and started “bush crafting.” (If you can even call it that) The boys have a purely wood shelter that they built from trees that they cut down and set up. They then collected creek rocks and clay from the earth and built a clay oven!! They truly love playing out there. We even camped out there last weekend.

The clay oven the boys built

I spent a lot of the day raking a path from our shelter to the creek that’s nearby.

It’s amazing how just a bit of time out there can make me forget all of what’s going on in reality.

The sun felt clean and refreshing on my face. It was about 45°, so it wasn’t too cold and the sun came out to make it warm enough that I didn’t even need a coat. We were all working anyway, so our body temps were up.

It was nice to have a care-free day out enjoying nature with my man. It’s something he’s really passionate about and I am too. We camp and hike a lot.

We were talking about how we were pretty blessed with some nice weather this fall/winter. The pandemic keeps us home, but with the weather we’ve had, it’s allowed us to enjoy the outdoors too.

I’m thankful for so many things in my life. A loving family. Nature’s power to renew. Good health.

We have to learn to make the most out of what we’ve got. Adjustments are hard, just make sure you’re taking time to do the things you love.