It’s OK to evolve

I spend too much time on Facebook. But I also use social media apps to come up with new content to write about. I use a lot of quotes and read a lot of stories online that help me ground my beliefs into something that I can share in a progressive way. This morning I… Continue reading It’s OK to evolve


Thank you for 10,000 views!

I have hit 10,000 views on Between the Lens. It seems hardly real that the words I've written have been viewed over 10,000 times. I'm just a casual writer, letting off steam in a creative way. I never knew WordPress would mean this much to me. Thank you for following along, commenting, and making me… Continue reading Thank you for 10,000 views!

EOD Thoughts

EOD Thoughts: 11.19.2020

My weeks are starting to feel longer. Each day of work is stagnant and uneventful and I’d even say they’re becoming mind numbing. No real thoughtful work. Just data entry. Every day. For weeks. Just eight hours of thoughtless data input and no responsibility or ownership of my tasks. I like the company I work… Continue reading EOD Thoughts: 11.19.2020