It’s All About the Little Things…

Della had such a big day with the babysitter at daycare that she didn’t even make it home before she was dead asleep in the backseat. She napped for a bit once we got home so we had a late night playing under the lights.

It’s a Friday night, who cares?

She was in such a happy, energetic mood and it’s moments like these that make me cherish my family so much. We were laying on the floor laughing and playing and the view was so beautiful that I’m glad I thought to get the camera out to capture some of the love we all felt.

I’m so blessed to have built a cozy, loving home for our daughter alongside Dylan. We work so hard on being the best parents that we can be, so seeing the glee on Della’s face tonight was just the vibe I needed to start preparing for the end of 2020 (finally!). There is so much to be thankful for.

This year hasn’t been perfect, but there have been perfect moments within it. I’m glad I’m still able to cherish the lights. 🎄

Full Circle Lights

My family and I took a trip to see what our closest city calls the “Festival of Lights.”

They close a large park, cover it in Christmas lights, and charge people by the car to drive through. Our daughter will be two next month and she actually liked it more than I thought she might. She just wanted to see the “neigh neighs.” (She loves horses)

It was a short trip, but it was well worth it. My parents used to take us to see the lights at that same park when we were kids. It’s comforting to feel full circle.

Life is weird. But beautiful.