House Hunting Hiccup

I mentioned the other day that we were house hunting, welllll…

We finally found a house that we feel like could be the one!! It has 3.5 acres of land and it’s in the country. I just imagine our kids running alongside of a dog in the backyard – Something we can’t do now since we rent. You won’t believe how many landlords do not allow pets. It’s always broken my heart that we can’t get Della a puppy, because she is an animal lover like no other!!

Turns out… Our lender doesn’t think the house meets the loan qualifications, even though our realtors and brokers said it does.

So we are at a standstill.

We went back out to see the place for a second time and were prepared to put in an offer, but now we’re waiting to hear back from our realtor as to if we can even get this house.

It hurts because we had our hopes so high – even if I was telling myself not to get excited.

Only time will tell. And if this house doesn’t work out, it just wasn’t meant to be.

And that’s what I keep telling myself to keep my emotions in check.

If it’s meant to be, it will happen.