I have been a little distant lately, but I return with GREAT NEWS!

First things first, I want to start out by sharing that I’ve started a new blog site. I’ll be back and forth between the two sites, but I would SO appreciate if you followed my other site as well! I’ll be sharing more frequently from that blog and I’m very excited for it!!

The link is at the end of this article. Please feel free to follow!

Soooo, I guess you all must be wondering…


I hope I have built up some suspense… I am so very excited to announce to all of you guys that I’m gonna be a mommy!!

I am currently 15 weeks and 2 days pregnant, due on January 12, 2019!!

We are so very excited to add a little bundle of joy to our family. A lot of new moms like to take a lot of pictures and record milestones during their pregnancy, and what better place than through blogging?! In my new blog, I’m going to be sharing my experiences throughout my first pregnancy, the struggles I face, and eventually… all about our new lil peanut!

I don’t have any followers on that blog yet, but the followers I have on here always seemed to be really supportive and interactive. Please feel free to follow my journey.

The link to my new blog is Please go follow and thanks for checking out my big news!! 🙂