Work From Home Friday

I’m letting loose today and wearing my sweatpant overalls. They’re made out of stretchy material and they’re soo comfortable. I’m working from home today, so comfort is a necessity.

(And they even have pockets!!)

Know what else is a necessity when working from home?

Not doing anything with your hair.

Happy Friday!!

EOD Thoughts: 12.04.2020

This week seemed to fly by. They all seem to fly by when it comes to Friday. Almost every single week I forget to take cash out for the babysitter. I go pick up Della and while I’m standing there I realize OH CRAP

And since we don’t live in the same town as the babysitter, I use the ATM there which means it charges me a $3 fee each time. I’ve probably racked up at least $15 in fees on that thing 🙄 Oh, that’s just THE WORST!! And you’d think I’d know by now because I pay her every Friday and almost ALWAYS forget.

So, yeah. That’s how my ends of the weeks go.

Tomorrow I’ve got drill and I have to actually show up to the office. I think it’s absolutely absurd. Most of the unit is doing some kind of virtual drill but I’m one of the few that actually have to go in. I threw a fit to four different people about not feeling safe going, but it’s the military so what can I do?

I guess it’ll be nice just to get out of the house for a drive. Got to look at the positives!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!!


Tonight’s Reflection Quote: