Contradictory Cups

Some days I feel like I'm on cloud nine. All of the scenarios I planned in my head go through just as they should. I'm flying through the air, too high to care about the fall. Smiling and laughing and playing and hoping and forgetting and dreaming. And then I get back home and I… Continue reading Contradictory Cups

Mama in Training

We’re pregnant (again)!

We are super excited to share our big news finally! I've been waiting with anticipation to tell our friends for about six weeks now. We told our family just a few weeks ago. I was a little more hesitant to tell the world this time, since we had been trying to conceive for months with… Continue reading We’re pregnant (again)!

Mama in Training

To all the MOMS on World Mental Health Day đźŚ±

Since the birth of our children, nearly every decision we make will bring us a sense of guilt. Put your baby to bed too early and you feel guilty for not enjoying your time with your baby while they are little. Keep your baby up too late, and you feel guilty that they aren’t getting… Continue reading To all the MOMS on World Mental Health Day đźŚ±


Good News … Finally!

Life has been absolutely CRAZYYYY lately… Is anyone else ready for fall, too? I haven’t had much time to put into my writing because I feel like I’m so busy I can’t even breathe sometimes. Everyone tells you it’s hard being a mom, but you can’t really prepare yourself for something like motherhood. I think… Continue reading Good News … Finally!


Mending My Crushed Ego

Okay. This almost pains me to write, but I always think it is important to reflect on who we are. So I'll say it: I am a jerk sometimes. And I lie to myself so that I don't feel bad about it.For some reason, today's society tries to make us hard, cold individuals that classify… Continue reading Mending My Crushed Ego


It Will Always Be Her

I love the way my daughter’s face lights up When I walk into the room After a long day of being away. I can see she has missed me Just as much as I've missed her But then again, I miss the days of Being able to drop my things As I walk into the… Continue reading It Will Always Be Her


In the Morning

I wake up in the morning Feeling like an absolute star I’m motivated to start the day And conquer all that lies before me But then I get out of bed And start thinking about All the ways I’ve let myself down Too clingy Too chubby Too shy Too busy Too self-conscious I look in… Continue reading In the Morning


Finding the Happy Medium Between Caring For Others & Caring For Yourself

I have a hard time making sure that I take time to do things for ME. I am totally the type of person to give and give and give myself away to everyone else in order to keep those around me happy. I truly believe that giving is better than receiving, but let’s be honest…… Continue reading Finding the Happy Medium Between Caring For Others & Caring For Yourself

Mama in Training

The Night Before Her Birth

Until you’ve experienced it, childbirth is a scary thing to think about. For a long time, it was at the very TOP of my list of biggest fears. I didn’t have any experiences to compare the most painful and emotional thing that I was ever going to put myself through, so the thought of becoming… Continue reading The Night Before Her Birth


Taking care of YOU

Today has been the first day since the birth of my beautiful babe that I have had practically an entire day to myself. It has been full of rejuvenation, self-reflection, and being able to finally catch up on laundry!! I have days where I feel completely obliterated. Days where I feel like I have nothing;… Continue reading Taking care of YOU