… And to all a good night.

Christmas has come and gone in the blink of an eye, hasn’t it? It seems as though the years go by faster the older I get. I have come to the conclusion that a 40-hour work week does not give me the satisfactory amount of time to enjoy the parts of life that I love the most. I miss my family. I love the giving season. I wish we got more than one Christmas every year.

Although I generally struggle every holiday season, this year was a harder one than most – and I am still processing and internalizing my emotions to figure out why. Nonetheless… being back together with my siblings, gathering the grandkids, and just enjoying family company is good for my soul. (My six siblings and I have a total of ten grandkids, so when we get together it’s an event!)

We spent a lot of Christmas Day traveling and visiting others, and that always makes the day go by so fast. We woke up around 7:30 to open Santa’s presents followed by own families gifts. We left our house around 9:15 to head to my Mother-In-Law’s house and left there around 11:30. Went to Dylan’s dad’s house after and spent a few hours there. Finally got home around four in the afternoon, but considering it was Sunday just before dinner time, it did not leave much time for relaxing before work on Monday. Let’s start a petition to ban any Christmas from falling on a Sunday because the working mother in me is freaking out over a STILL messy house.

Maybe someday I can convince Dylan we won’t travel and that if people want to see us, they can come to us. I have tried with no luck yet. I just feel like a great portion of the day is spent driving and the kids get to open a bunch of gifts that they don’t even get to sit down to enjoy before we are on to the next stop.

Holidays are hard for a lot of people. My heart is with you if you are one of those people during this time of year. Sometimes it is hard to put that smile on. Sometimes Christmas doesn’t feel so jolly. That’s okay, too.

From ours to yours, have a wonderful holiday season and New Year!

EOD Thoughts: 04.06.2021

Hi friends! I apologize for my lack of content here lately- it’s been a crazy few weeks! I have lots of small updates to share!

Our offer was accepted on a new home! We’re officially UNDER CONTRACT!! I can’t believe it. It’s been a long time coming. It’s exhausting looking at house after house with dying luck every time. I’ll make sure to write more on this soon!

The Easter holiday also took a lot of my attention. Friday I took Della and we went to Iowa to visit my sister. Unfortunately, on our way up there Della puked. I didn’t figure it was a bug, so we went to Iowa anyway. The next night after we got back from Iowa, I was puking. We ended up staying home all day on Sunday because I still wasn’t feeling well. By Sunday evening, Dylan was sick too and ended up calling into work on Monday. It went through the whole house. So I have been consumed with life lately, it seems. We hunted for eggs in the yard, dyed eggs, and gave Della an Easter basket. It was a good day at home even though I was exhausted.

I also got a very NÉW haircut!!

•• New feature! I started a photography portfolio on here and I plan to post some cool shots I take every once in awhile. I hope you guys enjoy this, since it’s an abstract look into a moment in my life.

See the first post here.

Can’t wait to catch up with all of you!!

The Gap

The high from Christmas and New Years is slowly dying out. This part of the year is always my least favorite. Colder weather is still to come and there is a LONG period of time before any fun holidays to look forward to.

The gap.

Such a drag.

Why aren’t there better holidays in February and March? I need like one holiday off work a month. At least. And why can’t lights be a part of all holidays? I’m not ready for everyone to put away their Christmas lights outside. It makes the early sunsets more tolerable.

I know I sound pessimistic tonight – I’m just trying to mentally prepare myself that I’m putting way my Christmas decorations tomorrow.

Send good vibes because this Christmas junkie is losing her spirit.

Holiday Family Traditions

I love the holidays. It was always a cheerful and happy time growing up. Our parents always presented the Christmas spirit in a beautiful, sentimental way. Now that I’m an adult, I appreciate that we did so much more than open presents.

We made homemade ornaments and spent an entire day making cookies, fudge, and candy.

We all loaded up in the station wagon to go to the Christmas tree farm. We held hands around our tree and sang “Oh, Christmas Tree” before cutting it down.

We packed all nine of us in a car so that we only had to pay one admission into the Avenue of Lights.

We decorated the tree, yard, and house as a family.

We made a trip to town to drive down Maine Street and look at the lights.

We jammed out to Christmas carols and made jokes about someday doing this with kids of our own.

And now the holidays that we joked about ten years ago are actually upon us.

We now have the opportunity to share all of the beautiful and happy memories that we cherish, with our children.

Christmas was always so much less about gifts, than it was about spending time with family. No matter what was going on, Christmas was always the ultimate uniter.

I’ve witnessed so much love, forgiveness, and acceptance during this time of the year. It’s as if the magic in the air guides everyone back to where they belong. Grudges vanish, judgements cease, and love conquers all.

At least that’s what Christmas is and always will be for our family.

I’m thankful to now be able to feel what my parents always felt while spending time with us during the holidays. I can feel a smile buried in my chest when carrying on traditions that I shared with my family as a child.

2020 isn’t stopping my Christmas cheer! 🙂

It’s All About the Little Things…

Della had such a big day with the babysitter at daycare that she didn’t even make it home before she was dead asleep in the backseat. She napped for a bit once we got home so we had a late night playing under the lights.

It’s a Friday night, who cares?

She was in such a happy, energetic mood and it’s moments like these that make me cherish my family so much. We were laying on the floor laughing and playing and the view was so beautiful that I’m glad I thought to get the camera out to capture some of the love we all felt.

I’m so blessed to have built a cozy, loving home for our daughter alongside Dylan. We work so hard on being the best parents that we can be, so seeing the glee on Della’s face tonight was just the vibe I needed to start preparing for the end of 2020 (finally!). There is so much to be thankful for.

This year hasn’t been perfect, but there have been perfect moments within it. I’m glad I’m still able to cherish the lights. 🎄

EOD Thoughts: 11.24.2020

We are quickly approaching Thanksgiving! This year has simultaneously been at a standstill and flown by.

This year is going to be much different in our household. No real big plans and no big gatherings. I have to admit, it actually brings me some peace. It’s nice to see family on the holidays; and most of the time, it’s the only time my entire family is together, but having two sides of the family for both Dylan and I can get overwhelming – and that doesn’t even include our grandparents. So this year we won’t have to spend a good chunk of the day on the road traveling and can instead spend time at home together.

Plus, I don’t have to drive myself crazy in the kitchen this year 😉


Tonight’s Reflection Quote:

EOD Thoughts: 11.22.2020

Another weekend has come and gone.

We try not to go out much so we spent the weekend decorating our Christmas tree and putting up our outdoor lights.

I love the holidays even more now that I have a child of my own. We get to recreate our favorite childhood memories and make new ones of our own. There’s so much opportunity for creativity and it’s so fun to reminisce every year.

What traditions do you have for the holidays?

La Casa

I am a homebody. I enjoy nights out on the town, but I truly love a date that starts with cooking a homemade meal together followed by cuddling on the couch.

I put my Christmas lights up Sunday. 2020 is kicking everyone’s ass, so I decided some early holiday cheer could possibly be a cure to the blues that I’ve been feeling lately. I recently had a medical procedure done that has changed my hormones (I’m not a doctor, I just believe this to be true), on top of going back to work full-time and cold weather settling in, I’ve really been in my head lately. I work from home 3 days a week, so changing up the scenery was good for me I think.

I like being home and I especially like being surrounded by lights. When I say I have my Christmas decor up, I mean ALL of my decor. Including the tree. I usually try to wait until after Thanksgiving to put it all up, but this year couldn’t wait.

When do you plan on putting up your Christmas stuff? Check out my Christmas pictures below!