We’re buying a HOME!

I never thought those words were ever going to be able to come out of my mouth. We have been looking and waiting for our finances to come aligned for years now, and now is truly the time!

We signed on with our realtor back in September of last year. We got pre-approved by the bank pretty easily and started our search. We probably looked at close 15 houses personally, but searched through hundreds of house postings all around the state. There was a time during this whole process where a house we wanted to look at sold within two days of being posted on the market. The house market has been suuuper hot here lately, especially since interest rates on loans are so low right now.

So houses were flying and we were getting exhausted looking. It took so much out of us going from house to house to house, planning what it would be like to live in it, getting our hopes up, and then not even being able to put in an offer. We were beginning to think we were never going to actually make a move on.

We were actually looking at a different house when we found out about the house that we are going to buy. Our realtor had told us another house just a few blocks away went up for sale that day. We got in to see it the very next day, and immediately decided to put in an offer. We knew the house was going to go fast, since it is 5 bedrooms, in a great location, well-priced, and just beautiful! It is an old home, but you can just tell that it has been taken good care of.

We knew another couple was going to look at the house the next day, so we put our offer in and asked for a response within two days.

The next day, someone else had put in an offer challenging ours.

We couldn’t see what their offer was, so we had no idea if we were higher or lower. We went ahead and upped our offer and asked for them to respond that night. They did! They accepted our offer and we could finally breathe!

We have the inspection next week and the appraisal after that. Hopefully we can have a smooth close and easy move sometime this summer!

Goodbye, Home

My aunt and uncle started renting a ranch-style brick country home the year I started sixth grade. I remember that because we moved in right at the start of the school year and my little boyfriend at the time lived down the road a few miles.

It was the kind of country vibe that our family fit well into. We road our bikes up and down the long gravel driveway from the house to the grain bins and back. We played kickball in the huge yard out front. I remember one season my uncle borrowed our school’s pitching machine and brought it out to the yard so he could shoot me some outfield fly balls. The athlete in me loved it.

This is the home I know better than any other. The home I’ve spent the most hours of my life in.

Us kids spent many nights sitting on our beds in the basement chatting, laughing, bickering…

It was the place our family was raised in. We developed and overcame and powered through so much together in that home and I’m sad that the house will one day be just a memory of a time when all of us were together.

You never know the power of a moment until it’s just a memory.

This was the house we had to bury our first dog at.

The house where I learned to drive and later got in trouble for breaking curfew.

I got ready for school dances and graduations in the tiny bathroom with my six siblings.

Most of my education was earned while studying in that house.

So many memories made under that roof…

My uncle has been living there for more than ten years. By now, he could paid off a house of his own, but instead he’s shoved tens of thousands of dollars into RENT.

I completely understand and support his decision, but it doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier.

We were all supposed to get together Saturday to celebrate our last holiday in the house. My uncle is leaving right after Christmas.

Of course….. Someone in the house tested positive- ruining our opportunity to reminisce in our home all together for the last time.

I’m heartbroken over it.

Goodbye, Home

This was all the land we got to play on. We would ride our backs down around the grain bins and back. We jumped in that pond and walked those fields.
The best front yard for playing kickball!


They say

That Home is where the heart is

But how can that be true

When I can’t even remember

What it feels like to lay in my own bed

I can’t remember what he smells like and

I can no longer hear my daughter’s laugh

Thundering in my thoughts

I am here

And they are there

So now I’m sure

That home is not a place

But instead

The arms of a person



June Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Day FIVE of my June Blogging Challenge! Today’s prompt is very simple.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to think of today’s prompt. Home. What about home? Is it asking where I live? Does it want pictures of my house? I decided I’d go with something a little less boring……. Maybe.

I live in midwestern Illinois in a small town called Mount Sterling. There are two stoplights and three gas stations. That is where I call HOME. But that isn’t very fun to talk about. Instead, I’d rather talk about where else FEELS like home.

We all have places where we feel the most comfortable. Places where all worries cease to exist and we can let our souls free. This could be at grandma’s house, or even with a certain person.

For me, one of the places that I truly feel relaxed is out in the woods. My fiancé and I love to go camping- it’s kind of what we do for mini vacations throughout the summer. Last summer we went probably ten or more times all over Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. We’ve actually talked about and agreed that camping is what we would like to do on our honeymoon!

I just love being in the trees, breathing in the fresh air. I love cooking over an open flame. I love playing cards at night with the campfire as our only source of light. It’s just an all-around homey feel for me. The rain needs to go away so we can get out and camp soon!!

Della & me at our home

Another thing that makes me feel at home is holding my sweet girl. There is just something about holding your child that makes your walls collapse and nothing else matters. She has stolen my heart! It seems that every time I leave her, something within me is just missing up until the second I see her again. I often wonder if that will ever go away. I doubt it.

Where do you feel at home? Is there anyone in your life that makes you feel at home?