EOD Thoughts: Night One

It’s sort of amazing how fast life can change.

And a lot has changed in the last WEEK.

Last week I was still laid off of work and spending every day at home playing with Della and living off of unemployment checks.

This week I am back to work and Della started at a new daycare.

Last week Dylan was working 6am – 4:30pm hating a job that he wasn’t appreciated at.

This week he was promoted to a supervisor position and his schedule is now 11am – 8pm. He earned $1 more and his entire attitude about work is different.

So now he will have mornings with Della while I work and I’ll have Della of the evenings while he works. It will be a change in routine, but now I may have a bit more time to write of the evenings while I watch Della play. I’m fortunate that my office and her playroom are in the same room so I still get to interact with her while she plays.

So here’s to new beginnings and new series… End-Of-Day (EOD) Thoughts !!!

Stay tuned, friends


Tonight’s Reflection Quote: