A Writer’s Worst Nightmare

I. Am. So. Sad.

It’s just a shame.

Today my laptop broke. Or, I noticed it was broken today when I tried to turn on the screen and it had blotches where the screen had been pushed in.

The culprit? Me, most likely, because I tend to leave it on the couch or in the living room where my crazy two year old jumps and pounces on anything and everything in sight.

Bad choice.

So the cool thing is, I’ve never actually bought a laptop. I won the laptop my Junior year of prom when everyone’s names got tossed into a hat and drawn for a prize. My name was drawn first, so I went for the big one.

On that note, I’m now looking to buy a new one. (Affordable one) I don’t have a lot to spend, but I think this could be a fresh start 😊

I am sad though, that old girl survived seven years. I had a collection of stickers on the front of it, so those stickers have meaning to me.

I’m sad to replace her, but excited for something new!

I need your help!

Have you ever had to get a new laptop and transfer information from one to the other?

What is a good, but AFFORDABLE laptop?

What is the best and most versatile software/brand?

Give me recommendations 😅🙂

And if you want to donate to my new laptop fund, my Cash App is $chrissyweaver7

Drop a comment 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

June Blogging Challenge: Day 8

Helllooooo! It’s Day 8!

My top three favorite blogs to read right now, in no specific order, are:

1. Dollfaced Writer

2. Flowers In The Brain

3. Haelim’s Couch

When I read blogs, the things that excite me the most are those that write with emotion and display positivity. All of the above writers have amazing posts on a variety of topics. Mental health, testimonies, personal stories… Thank you for reminding me why I love my blog family here on WordPress.


Go give these blogs a follow! I promise you won’t regret it! 💝

Know of an interesting blog I should follow? Drop a link in the comments! 👇🏻👇🏻