Valentines Spoiling

My fiancé and I have been together 4.5 years. We are at that point in our relationship where we don’t really need to give each other gifts on Valentines Day. We both know how important it is to show our love all year round. The other night we were sitting together talking about how chocolates and flowers on Valentines Day is nice, but not really necessary. I’d much rather have an evening with him than to be spoiled with gifts.

Well this year, I got both.

I mean, he really outdid himself this year and he even did it in total secret.

I work from home four days a week and go to the office on Fridays. He knows this, and planned his first surprise perfectly. I was sitting at my desk working away when suddenly I look up and see my boss walking towards me with a big vase of flowers. She stops and my desk and I’m thinking WHAT? Dylan has never sent me flowers at work before, is he really doing this?

I unwrapped them (Windchill has been below zero degrees the last week) and a huge smile poured over my face. I had to hold back the tears. What a beautiful gesture! A variety of roses and baby’s breath gathered in a glass vase. Wow.

He had made reservations last week to a fancy restaurant in our hometown, so I had been excited for that for the last week.

I got off of work, went home to get ready for our dinner, and he walks in with his hands behind his back.


He hands me a beautiful dark pink knit stocking cap. Just what I needed! I felt bad because I had nothing to give him- We don’t usually go all out for Valentines Day.

Last year we went to the same restaurant we went to this year, I guess it’s kind of a tradition now. Last year he got the steak and I got chicken, but he gave me a bite of his and let me tell you… I’ve been thinking about that steak since last year! So juicy and perfectly cooked… So it was no surprise this year that we both got the steak. It was DELICIOUS!!

We ended the night with some drinks at the bar and hanging with some local friends. It was a really great Valentines Day and I’m so thankful to be spoiled by such a great guy!! ❤️❤️❤️