EOD Thoughts: 02.10.2021

It snowed almost all day today. It’s snowed on consecutive days this month more than I can remember. I remember by sophomore year of high school when we had a literal blizzard, but I can’t really remember when we got this much snow over an extended period of time. It had seemed like most of our winters had been pretty mild, but February has brought it on.

Not that I mind, though, because I think snow covered trees and landscapes are absolutely beautiful. I like playing in it and watching it fall. But I also love when it rains. Maybe I’m just an odd duck about these kinds of things. I was saying the other day how I can’t imagine living in a place where it does not snow.

Now I definitely prefer summer to winter, but I like a good snow in the winter time. I’m that person that looks forward to a white Christmas every year. I remember a couple years ago it was 65° on Christmas and I was dying in the yellow sweater I chose to wear that day. We opened our presents and went outside to play.

What an odd time in our lives.

How can anyone deny that climate change is a very real issue that we face today?

The sea level rises about an eighth of an inch every year.

The hurricanes have increased in strength and damages.

The summers are hotter and the seasons are shifting.

I really don’t know how anyone can deny these facts. They are literal facts of science. The world is crazy and everything is changing.

As for me, I’m going to enjoy the snow and hope that everyone with more power than I have realize the true dilemma we are facing today.

More snow is in the forecast tomorrow with temps only supposed to reach a high of 13°.

The Ants

I wandered out to the garden and sat with my back against the fence. I could feel the warm sun beat down on my face, I closed my eyes and soaked in the rays with my head pointed upward. I should do this more often, I thought to myself. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes again.

What a beautiful life this is. I can sit here and feel the warm sun, enjoy the slow breeze, and fill my lungs with clean air. Too often I take for granted the beautiful easiness of nature. It’s slow and quiet, but will continue to exist whether I am taking the time to enjoy it or not. The river will continue to run whether or not its existence is acknowledged.

I looked over at the tree and noticed a trail of ants going up and down its bark. They work so well together, traveling in a line and gathering food for everyone to enjoy. I wish humans existed in this way more. We focus too much on ourselves and making sure that we are doing better than our neighbor. Why do humans flourish in the idea that life is a competition between us and those we are surrounded by?

I’ve never understood how more people in this world don’t care about the well-being of everyone collectively.

There is one earth.

And we all share it.

The ants keep working and I keep watching in admiration.