Who I am today Is not who I was yesterday It's not who I was ten years ago And the person I am today Is also not the person I will be Ten years from now Evolution of self is a cycle It's a long and constant journey of self-examination and the decision to either… Continue reading Phases

EOD Thoughts

EOD Thoughts: 01.16.2021

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on WordPress. Not because I really needed a break, but because I’ve just been so busy and tired to sit on my phone and really put some thought into writing. I’d like to get back into more of a routine, but life is crazy and you never really know… Continue reading EOD Thoughts: 01.16.2021

Mama in Training

I’m not always the best mom

I’m not always the best mom Sometimes I raise my voice Sometimes I just want to be left alone Sometimes at 3am I mutter that I’m tired of being a mom Sometimes I don’t pay enough attention Sometimes I would rather go to a restaurant and not have to deal with a child that can’t… Continue reading I’m not always the best mom


A Friendly Reminder

Here's a little reminder to end your week on: You are fucking awesome. There is no one else out there like you. Your thoughts, movements, attitude, passions, and interests are exclusive to only you. Everyone might not love you, but the right people do. Do not overlook those that struggle to express it to you.… Continue reading A Friendly Reminder


The Power of 1 Year

One year passes fast. One year with a child? Way faster. We never know what to expect when we start the journey of motherhood. For me, it felt like I’d never be ready to take on the responsibility of caring for another life besides my own. The unknown is scary, but to me, the fear… Continue reading The Power of 1 Year


Gallstones SUCK!

I had surgery to get my gallbladder taken out yesterday! I've been dealing with terrible stomach pain off and on for the last few months. I went to the ER a few months back and they told me that there was "a 70% chance that it's your gallbladder, but it's up to you if you… Continue reading Gallstones SUCK!


Finding Myself

I start therapy on Friday. I’m very excited, actually. I feel like the stigma against mental health is kind of diminishing and more and more people are trying their hand at therapy. In all reality, everyone just wants to feel better. I’ve always wanted to talk to someone about all of the feelings I have, but I’ve… Continue reading Finding Myself


A Letter to A Soon-To-Be Mom

Today I write in honor of a beautiful friend of mine that will welcome her first baby into the world in just three short days. I remember how short the days felt leading up to my induction date. Ever since I was a child, my biggest fear was always childbirth. It sounds almost silly now… Continue reading A Letter to A Soon-To-Be Mom

Mama in Training

22 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter

1. The only person that can ensure your own success is you. 2. The only thing that will ever make you ugly is how you treat other people. 3. Respect isn’t always easily earned, but it is always easily lost. 4. There is nothing you could do that would make me love you any less… Continue reading 22 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter