I’m sick of the news

I can’t hardly stand to turn on the TV anymore. Most times I’m watching Netflix or Hulu, so I don’t tune into the news, but every time I’m somewhere where the news is on, I say ‘what the hell’ and watch anyway. I like to be informed. I like to know what is going on in the world around me. But I don’t normally inform myself by watching the news on TV.

I can’t stand the way everything in the media is twisted and turned to fit a certain agenda.

Now let me set the record straight here. I am not trying to make this political. I do not take either side when it comes to politics in the United States. I see issues from both sides and I criticize the decisions from both parties. I was never someone to obnoxiously claim, “Fake news!!” and disregard information that was presented to me simply because it was on the news. I take information, process it, do my own research, and then make an educated opinion on what I heard.

But that’s not to say that I don’t see the bias that is constantly presented to us. I’ve watched Fox News and I’ve watched CNN and I’ve watched independent broadcasting, but I still can always point out when the information being given to me is being presented with an agenda. There is a way to present information that is simply stating the facts and what you know; rather than to present information in a way that includes opinions, assumptions, and allegations. I watch these newscasts and laugh and roll my eyes because I’m someone that can hear a sentence and automatically know that what I’m hearing isn’t necessarily unbiased. Doesn’t mean that it’s not true, but it does mean that you should do some digging of your own to determine what the facts are and what information is panning to a certain audience.

Just feed me the facts, nothing more. I want to form my own opinions on the matter without having your thoughts shoved in my face. That’s all.

June Blogging Challenge: Day 18

Day 18 already, folks!

Something you’re embarrassed to love

Haha! I have to admit that I am absolutely obsessed with the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. I have watched the series seven times, and I am now working on watching it for the eighth time!!

Just for fun… here are some of my thoughts on the show, for those of you that have seen it. (**Please be aware that there may be spoilers in this post!**)

I feel that Grey’s Anatomy is so popular because of its stance on important real-life issues like racism, the LGBTQ community, women in the workplace, gun violence, the opioid epidemic, parenthood, domestic violence, marriage, rape, and the loss of a loved one. Nearly everyone that watches the show can relate with some character or issue that is portrayed, and that is not something that every show can do.

Favorite character(s): Who doesn’t love George O’Malley? I will be honest… his death hit me waaay harder than Derek Shepherd’s. George was a kind soul, someone that was motivated out of good morals in nearly every decision he made. He was caring and loving and just plain… good. Another character I really respect is Richard Webber. I know in early season, I didn’t like the way he handed his relationship with Meredith, but overall, I see Webber as a wise leader. Someone I hope they never take off the show. Honorable Mention: Lexie Grey, Teddy Altman, Cristina Yang, and Atticus Lincoln.

Least favorite character(s): April Keppner. Her character actually developed into a strong, determined woman; but at the beginning I absolutely could not stand her. I would contemplate fast-forwarding through the show. I just don’t like a suck-up, that’s all. I can also admit that I didn’t really care for Meredith in the beginning even though the show is practically about her. I feel like she always over-reacted when it came to her trauma. Yeah, she had some tough times, but the number of times she got all dramatic was so annoying to me. You’re gonna try to drown yourself in the bathtub? Really? They portray her as such a strong woman in the beginning, but she dramatically gave up so many times. Annoying! Honorable Mention: Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt.

Favorite episode(s): This is hard. I think it needs split up into categories. Most important episodes? The episode where Dr. Bailey saves the life of a white supremacist and the episode where Jo helps the victim of sexual assault. Most dramatic episodes?PLANE CRASH. One of my favorites for the simple fact that I love the way they end Sloan and Lexie, in such a traumatic, love-filled moment. So devastating, yet so beautiful. Also the episode where there is a shooter in the hospital.

I wanna hear from you, Grey’s fans!! 

What are your favorite episodes and most-liked characters? Let’s chat!