Remembering what I’m thankful for

I’ve been sitting here for the last few hours trying to think of something to write about. I had a few lines of poetry flowing in and out of my head, but I don’t like to publish forced work. So instead, I’m just going to reflect on some things in my life that I’m thankful… Continue reading Remembering what I’m thankful for


It’s OK to evolve

I spend too much time on Facebook. But I also use social media apps to come up with new content to write about. I use a lot of quotes and read a lot of stories online that help me ground my beliefs into something that I can share in a progressive way. This morning I… Continue reading It’s OK to evolve

EOD Thoughts

EOD Thoughts: 03.23.2021

When we were kids, my uncle would take all of us out to the garage to watch a big storm roll by. We just so happened to live south of what seemed to always be the path of the storms. So we would get our lawn chairs and flip cell phones out and have a… Continue reading EOD Thoughts: 03.23.2021


Some things aren’t meant to be…

It’s the hardest lesson to learn because it’s always something that you have to learn the hard way. Maybe it’s just timing. But maybe it’s just not supposed to happen at all? You don’t get to know right away. And in some cases, it may take you your entire life to even realize it... The… Continue reading Some things aren’t meant to be…


“Say Something” by A Great Big World

“Say something, I'm giving up on you I'll be the one, if you want me toAnywhere, I would've followed you Say something, I'm giving up on you And I am feeling so smallIt was over my headI know nothing at all And I will stumble and fallI'm still learning to loveJust starting to crawl Say… Continue reading “Say Something” by A Great Big World