EOD Thoughts: 12.21.2020

Happy Monday!

I had a refreshing weekend spent at home with my family. Saturday we had some family over for Christmas, but it wasn’t anything too big or exciting.

Sunday while cleaning we found $80 in Wal-Mart gift cards, so we decided that we needed to go to Wal-Mart and spend that money on absolutely nothing important. 

Since my sister lives with us now, we decided that all of us should splurge on something that we each wanted for ourselves. When we first went to checkout, we had nearly the whole cart full of things just for my daughter, but we stopped, went through the cart looking for the things we didn’t really need, and put stuff back.

Then we each got serious about looking for something for ourselves. It’s crazy when you have a kid, so much of our everyday life revolves around them – even when we don’t mean for it to.

So Dylan got some new jeans for work, my sister got a new sweater, and I got some workout leggings. I’m wearing the leggings today and OH! They are nice! I did a workout in them on my lunch break and they didn’t slip down at all. I just got the Wal-Mart brand tight athletic leggings – they were only $15, so it makes me wonder how people really spend a lot of money on leggings from name brand companies. $50 for a pair of LEGGINGS?!

I just can’t do it.

Me and my Wal-Mart leggings will be just fine over here.


Tonight’s Reflection Quote:

Learn to treat yourself the way you would a friend. Use kind words, and  approach everything with love. | Wisdom quotes, Be yourself quotes,  Inspirational quotes