Nasty people…

Humans are odd. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that other people are made of the same breed as I am. Some people are so mean, disgusting, awful…

My sister started a new job probably about a month and a half ago. She works in a paint room painting gates and fence that welders put together. My sister is an artist – she knows her way around paint. She loved the job initially. She got along with everyone in the paint room and would come home with high spirits and tell me all about the good day she had.

But then it stopped. I don’t know all of the details, I’m not there. But from what she tells me the “manager” of the paint room has been targeting her. They bully her and pick on her and point her out. It’s absolutely disgusting. I don’t know if they are threatened by the good work she does painting or what, but she gets threatened daily. They pick up her time punch-in card, watch her, and even told the boss that she rounded down TWO MINUTES on her time card when she was late after lunch.

She just called me crying because this same manager is being absolutely disgusting today again. She loves the job, but cannot handle the bullying. I don’t know how she has put up with it for so long. She has talked to the bosses and they don’t help. I don’t know what advice to give her, because I want her to be without a job, but I also don’t want her be targeted and treated so unfairly. Even if she has a role in the mess, no one deserves to be threatened and put down and targeted at work. It’s disgusting and it makes me sick. Her manager is a thirty year old woman, and my sister is 21 years old. I don’t know what power trip she is on, but I’m at a loss of words.

People are nasty. I don’t know how anyone gets joy or pride out of being a “manager” that treats others like that. I won’t listen to any more of it. I will go up there and talk to the owners if this crap doesn’t stop. Ridiculous.

The Gap

The high from Christmas and New Years is slowly dying out. This part of the year is always my least favorite. Colder weather is still to come and there is a LONG period of time before any fun holidays to look forward to.

The gap.

Such a drag.

Why aren’t there better holidays in February and March? I need like one holiday off work a month. At least. And why can’t lights be a part of all holidays? I’m not ready for everyone to put away their Christmas lights outside. It makes the early sunsets more tolerable.

I know I sound pessimistic tonight – I’m just trying to mentally prepare myself that I’m putting way my Christmas decorations tomorrow.

Send good vibes because this Christmas junkie is losing her spirit.

EOD Thoughts: 12.07.2020

“How did your week start out, Chrissy?”

Oh, let me tell you how it started, friend.

Sunday I went across the river into Missouri to get some gas. Gas over there is usually 10-20 cents cheaper. Everytime I get gas I always check that the card reader on the pumps looks okay, because they have those scanners that save your card information. Well, this scanner seemed weird, but it is also a gas station that I don’t go to often, so I didn’t think to much into and figured it would be fine.

Turns out, within twelve hours of pumping that gas, $321.19 was stolen from my account by somehow using my debit card. FIVE different transactions! I got gas around 12:30 and in less than three hours, I was supposedly buying stuff from gas stations and making ATM withdrawals in St Louis MO and Columbia MO – both cities that are 3+ hours from me!

My card has been shut off, which is a pain because now I have to set back up payment arrangements for everything that the card was connected to. I have bills due this week and now I am really in a tough place.  The investigation may take up  to 90 days, and my money won’t be replaced right away.

It’s time like these that I wish I wasn’t an adult. Because then I wouldn’t have to be the one the deal with all of this.

What misfortune. Right before the holidays.

Tonight I am feeling defeated.