The Artistry of a Woman

She is strong and fierce She knows the power of her mind and the gentleness of her touch She recognizes her insecurities and wrestles with her vulnerability She stands up for the respect that she deserves And does not lower her voice to coddle a man’s pride She understands the aspects of society that try… Continue reading The Artistry of a Woman

EOD Thoughts

EOD Thoughts: 02.05.2021

I am glad another week has come and gone. Hello, weekend. Not that I have any plans, but it’s nice to not have to work and spend time with family. Friends are few and far between when you’re a young mom. I’m going to be 25 this year, so I’m not really all that young… Continue reading EOD Thoughts: 02.05.2021


Finding Myself

I start therapy on Friday. I’m very excited, actually. I feel like the stigma against mental health is kind of diminishing and more and more people are trying their hand at therapy. In all reality, everyone just wants to feel better. I’ve always wanted to talk to someone about all of the feelings I have, but I’ve… Continue reading Finding Myself


A Letter to A Soon-To-Be Mom

Today I write in honor of a beautiful friend of mine that will welcome her first baby into the world in just three short days. I remember how short the days felt leading up to my induction date. Ever since I was a child, my biggest fear was always childbirth. It sounds almost silly now… Continue reading A Letter to A Soon-To-Be Mom

Mama in Training

22 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter

1. The only person that can ensure your own success is you. 2. The only thing that will ever make you ugly is how you treat other people. 3. Respect isn’t always easily earned, but it is always easily lost. 4. There is nothing you could do that would make me love you any less… Continue reading 22 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter


23 Years of Adventure

Today I am celebrating twenty-three years of life. Twenty-three years of love. Twenty-three years of adventure. I heard my birth story from my aunt and grandmother a bunch of times growing up. I think mainly because, as they tell it, it was a wild day! My mother was in labor prematurely and it was sometime… Continue reading 23 Years of Adventure

Mama in Training

To all the MOMS on World Mental Health Day 🌱

Since the birth of our children, nearly every decision we make will bring us a sense of guilt. Put your baby to bed too early and you feel guilty for not enjoying your time with your baby while they are little. Keep your baby up too late, and you feel guilty that they aren’t getting… Continue reading To all the MOMS on World Mental Health Day 🌱


Gun Violence & A Parent’s Love

With the tragic and horrifying mass shootings that took place in the United States this week, everyone has been in an uproar about gun control. I get it. Let’s do something. But I think the one of the reasons we have such an awful gun violence issue in the United States is something that gun control simply… Continue reading Gun Violence & A Parent’s Love


Good News … Finally!

Life has been absolutely CRAZYYYY lately… Is anyone else ready for fall, too? I haven’t had much time to put into my writing because I feel like I’m so busy I can’t even breathe sometimes. Everyone tells you it’s hard being a mom, but you can’t really prepare yourself for something like motherhood. I think… Continue reading Good News … Finally!


Mending My Crushed Ego

Okay. This almost pains me to write, but I always think it is important to reflect on who we are. So I'll say it: I am a jerk sometimes. And I lie to myself so that I don't feel bad about it.For some reason, today's society tries to make us hard, cold individuals that classify… Continue reading Mending My Crushed Ego