Thoughts of a Lost Girl

My, oh my. I have so much running through my head every single day. That’s not so different than everyone in the world, I’m sure. We all have wandering minds, it’s human nature. What’s different about me is that I can’t get it to stop. I lay in bed every night worrying about so many things that I just end up staring into the dark abyss for hours before finally drifting into unconsciousness.

I wish it would stop. I’m tired of feeling like I have no confidence in who I am as a person, what I look like on the outside, and what others perceive me as.

To be honest, I don’t tell anyone about what I’m feeling. I spend a good majority of everyday alone, and I don’t know if that is a part of the problem or something that makes me feel better about my insecurities. I have a hard time being alone. I like the quiet atmosphere, but most times I just end up overthinking about all that’s going on.

My relationship is in a rough patch. He wants to move out of our home to live by himself. Where will I go? What does this mean?

I graduate from community college in May, and I still haven’t decided what degree path I want to pursue. Do I continue school or find work until I figure it out?

This is only a brief description of what I’m going through. I want to say more, but I cannot figure out the words to write. I’m completely and utterly lost in my own life right now.

I hope all of this cools down and I can figure things out.

xoxo *fingers crossed*


3 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Lost Girl

  1. Oh yeah, I remember this feeling like it was yesterday. From what I’ve heard from my friends, not everyone has a wandering mind. Some people don’t rethink everything that happened to them and self reflect. I certainly do whether it is good for me or not. I prefer to live this way. I enjoy being introspective. The more you are aware of your own flaws and insecurities the more you can recognize it in others. It’s sort of like a super power where you can get a really good grasp of how another person is as a person based on the way they present themselves. Remember to be kind to yourself. Attempt to manage your thoughts. We manage everything else in our lives. Only spend so much time self reflecting and then move on to something more fun to think about.

    It sounds like a lot of things are happening in your life all at once. That sounds nuts.

    From my own personal experience, I didn’t continue with school. I’ve kind of just went with the flow in my life and have done whatever sort of felt right at the time. Personally, I don’t have many regrets and I am quite happy with where I am so I wouldn’t stress out about it too too much. You’re still young and you have plenty of time to figure that all out! 🙂

    Wishing you all the best!

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