Good News … Finally!

Life has been absolutely CRAZYYYY lately… Is anyone else ready for fall, too? I haven’t had much time to put into my writing because I feel like I’m so busy I can’t even breathe sometimes. Everyone tells you it’s hard being a mom, but you can’t really prepare yourself for something like motherhood. I think… Continue reading Good News … Finally!


Mending My Crushed Ego

Okay. This almost pains me to write, but I always think it is important to reflect on who we are. So I'll say it: I am a jerk sometimes. And I lie to myself so that I don't feel bad about it.For some reason, today's society tries to make us hard, cold individuals that classify… Continue reading Mending My Crushed Ego


It Will Always Be Her

I love the way my daughter’s face lights up When I walk into the room After a long day of being away. I can see she has missed me Just as much as I've missed her But then again, I miss the days of Being able to drop my things As I walk into the… Continue reading It Will Always Be Her

Mama in Training

Today I was Mom-Shamed

When you become a mom for the first time, you hear all sorts of arguments on what is "best" for your child. There's the obvious formula vs. breast milk argument that even non-parents have probably rolled their eyes about once or twice. You can prepare yourself for the mainstream attacks on issues such as that,… Continue reading Today I was Mom-Shamed


Story time!

Sorry to disappoint, but this isn't a fictional story... I haven't had much time to put into my writing lately, but I wanted to give you guys a quick glimpse into what I've been up to lately! 1. I have a baaaad rash of POISON SUMAC. 🌿😭 A few friends and I thought it would… Continue reading Story time!


America’s Independence Day 🇺🇸

Hi!! I just wanted to hop on here and wish my fellow American bloggers a HAPPY 4th of JULY!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I hope you all have an amazing and SAFE weekend!!! As for me, I'll be having some cold drinks, snuggling my sweet babe, and going swimming!!! What are you guys up to on this patriotic… Continue reading America’s Independence Day 🇺🇸