Tax season

It’s among us.

I’m frantically gathering all of these forms from all of these different websites and I think I may just lose my mind over it all.

But I’m really trying to get my sh*t together with my finances as a whole. I just this week decided to download all of the apps I should have had this entire time. They include Car Insurance app, Wells Fargo investments app, Credit Karma for credit scores, TurboTax, an app to track my medical visits at the hospital, CashApp, and PayPal.

Being an adult is hard.

I also just learned how my Health Savings Account works.

Insurance is not my strong suit. But hey! They don’t teach you this sh*t in high school!

Taxes get significantly harder when you have a dependent, student loans, medical bills, health insurance, and retirement plans.

I’ll be okay. I’m a fast learner and this is going to be my 5th year filing my taxes myself 🤞🏼

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